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Vshare / Widdit / Adware

Vshare plugin *IS* an adware. Whether you are on Mac, Windows or Linux this is the same, and you don’t even need the toolbar, only the plugin. I’ve installed the old version of the Vshare plugin on my Firefox, on Linux, (old version because the newest isn’t available on Linux) then some popups started to […]

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MySQL: Restore a dropped database

NOTE BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING DO A BACKUP OF ALL DATABASES. 1 MISTAKE CAN BE A BIG PROBLEM, IMAGINE 2 MISTAKES AT THE SAME TIME!! You need bin logs for this tutorial, if you didn’t have them enabled, then you have to look somewhere else.. Today i accidentally “dropped” the database of a site i host […]

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Finally opened!

This is it! My blog is finally opened, i really thought i’d never open one.. I will mostly post my personal experiences related to IT, so i will use it as a notebook to write some notes that i should remember and hopefully help other people with them. I often found many tutorials and interesting […]