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Hotmail security hole plugged silently, no communication, no customer service

A vulnerability in the Hotmail password reset pages, that allowed hackers to get access to ANY hotmail/MSN account, has been widely exploited over the past week. I found a video on Youtube dated April 12, which describes the security hole, which is trivial and only needs the modification of 1 email field during a request […]

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Daemon Tools error: Unable to validate the installation

If you got that error “unable to validate the installation” or “Setup is unable to validate installation” when reinstalling Daemon Tools, and you’re unable to either uninstall/reinstall/run Daemon Tools, do the following: 1) Remove completely the Daemon Tools folder manually, it’s usually C:\Program Files\Daemon Tools 2) Then reinstall Daemon Tools with the installer. There’s no […]

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Interstate 76′ D3D patch + Gold Patch + Force Feedback Patch

I upload here the patches i have of Interstate 76′ as they are difficult to find. Interstate 76′ Force Feedback Patch (might be deprecated) Interstate 76′ Patch 1081 + French changelog (deprecated, see the one under) Interstate 76′ Patch 1083 Interstate 76′ Gold Patch

XMMS Skin for Winamp

It’s available here: Created by dainori. For the lazy people, here is the wsz file: Download xmms.wsz