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July, 2011

xauth + (X11Forwarding Yes and X11UseLocalhost yes) == Still no Forwarding ?

I was searching for this fix for quite some time. I couldn’t forward X anymore using “ssh -Y” or “ssh -X” on my debian server (i have xauth installed), i was always getting this error: ~$ xterm xterm Xt error: Can’t open display: xterm: DISPLAY is not set “X11UseLocalhost no” was making it working but […]

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The domainrenewal ( scam

OK this is already everywhere on internet for years, but i really had to write a post about it as these guys are spamming my mailbox every year. This company is trying to convince people into believing they need to renew (and obviously transfer) their domain names with them. Their paper looks very professional, and […]

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